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Companies House filing requirements

A helpful guide.

At various times throughout the life of your company, you will need to report changes to Companies House. If we’re helping you make the changes, we can also help you with the filing. Of course, if you are happy dealing with the filing requirements yourself, then you can find the forms needed on the Companies House website.

To help you along the way, we have set out below our ‘top ten’ handy forms as a useful, quick-link guide. We nevertheless recommend you check all the forms available at Companies House to make sure you get the right forms for your needs. Simply click on a link below to be redirected:

  1. Appoint a director (AP01)
  2. Terminate an appointment of a director (TM01)
  3. Terminate an appointment of a secretary (TM02)
  4. Confirmation statement (CS01)
  5. Change a company name (NM01)
  6. Change a registered office address (AD01)
  7. Consolidate, sub-divide, redeem shares or re-convert stock into shares (SH02)
  8. Give notice of particulars of variation of rights attached to shares (SH10)
  9. Notify a re-denomination of shares (SH14)
  10. Register particulars of a charge (MR01)  


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