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Brexit – What next?

23 June 2016 is a date for the history books. It will be remembered as the day Britain voted to leave the EU. It has sent shock waves through everyone and four days on remains the main topic of conversation on the news, social media and even around the water cooler. But what does it mean for business?

After decades of being a member of the European Union, Brexit will not happen overnight. However, it is clear that the effects of uncertainty are already starting to show. There are serious legal and political issues to be considered and it appears that we haven’t even begun to unpick the tapestry of rules and regulations.

At SA Law we strive to be proactive and optimistic at all times. We implore our clients and contacts to remain positive and conciliatory. We will be closely monitoring the process so we can respond as appropriate. Our aim, as always, will be to help clients minimise risk while maximising opportunity in an uncertain time.

Clients with particular concerns should contact us directly in order to discuss these in detail.


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