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Online house-buying: death by tinkering?

Publication: The Times

Steve Kenneford is quoted in The Times by journalist Jonathan Ames.

When it comes to large technology projects, the Law Society seems to be jinxed. Two internal programmes over the past ten years have racked up millions in costs, with little if any benefit to the practising solicitors whose fees paid for them. This week though, the society- which represents 150,000 lawyers – had a very public IT disaster when it pulled the plug on Veyo, an ex-conveyancing system that was officially launched less than six months ago…

Veyo is now dead. The society attempted to administer the bullet discretely, but conveyancers got wind and they are not happy, not least because the price tag for failure will be at least £3.3 million to the solicitors’ profession.

“There is little surprise within the profession that the law society has pulled the Veyo,” says Steve Kenneford, a residential property partner at SA Law in St Albans. “A fully integrated, watertight and user-friendly system was always going to be the Holy Grail, and the Veyo offering fell well short of that.”

“It will be a constant challenge to keep any system technologically up to speed and workable…until that challenge can be reliably achieved and guaranteed, such initiatives are unlikely to be fully embraced by the profession which, currently, remains largely sceptical.”

Critics maintain…

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