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A stark warning to lessees

The dangers of Airbnb

Further to Mike Lewis’ article on 6 December 2016 there has been an interesting development that all lessees should be conscious of with Airbnb. 

An elderly poet who let out her £2.8 million Belgravia flat to Airbnb will now be removed from her home of more than 40 years after the neighbours took her to Court claiming that she was running a business in breach of her lease terms.

Linda Marinelli Landor aged 81 was accused of allowing regular different guests to stay at her property. Neighbours complained of many factors such as the din of the wheelie cases on the marble floors. Mrs Landor advertised herself on Airbnb but denied running a bed and breakfast business in breach of her 125 year lease. However, the Judge found that he was satisfied that it was a business. The Judge also found that her neighbours had to endure over very many years “considerable levels of noise and disruption well beyond that which is regarded as reasonable.”

Ms Landor insisted that her guests were family or friends. Ms Landor has a long lease but does not own the freehold. Rather than simply allow forfeiture of the lease, the High Court have given her 6 months to assign the lease and move on or risk the lease being forfeited.  

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