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I help employers and employees with a broad range of issues, with particular expertise in dispute resolution and easing situations that have the potential to damage an employer-employee relationship. This includes negotiating settlements for clients, and advising on a wide range of other contractual issues such as the validity and enforcement of restrictive covenants.

Where possible, I help clients to avoid the uncertainty and expense of tribunal proceedings if a satisfactory out-of-court settlement can be negotiated. In situations where a hearing is unavoidable, I benefit from an extremely high track record of success at tribunals, and can help to both prepare your case and represent you on the day. I will also advise you on the prospects of success and potential outcomes, which helps you to choose the most appropriate course of action.

My advisory expertise also covers a range of other sensitive employment situations, including the fair and reasonable application of redundancy procedures.

Prior to my legal training, I worked in the HR team of a prominent London charity for two years, which gave me an excellent practical grounding in the needs and challenges of employers.


  • Advised a furniture manufacturer on alleged breaches of restrictive covenants and restraint of trade clauses.
  • Comprehensive redundancy support to a leading manufacturer of analytical instruments, ensuring legislative compliance and risk minimisation.
  • Advised a large veterinary practice on a sensitive employee exit involving a disabled worker.
  • Data Protection
  • Member of the Employment Lawyer’s Association
  • Qualified in 2012.


  • Taught English in Japan (2005)
  • Level 1 proficiency in sign language

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I chose law because I love a good argument and I’m paid to be feisty.
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I am an avid Arsenal supporter but married a Spurs fan!
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