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Disputes over Wills

Contentious Probate: Helping to resolve disputes about Wills swiftly and sympathetically

There are many situations in which disputes over Wills can arise, such as insufficient provision being made for dependents or a fear that the person making the Will may have been coerced. Whatever the situation, this can often add distress to what is already a distressing time for relatives.

Talking to a solicitor with specialist experience in this field can make all the difference. We help to alleviate the situation, applying our legal expertise to achieve the best outcome. We can handle any communications and negotiations between parties, and ensure the situation is resolved as quickly and sympathetically as possible.

We provide a comprehensive service to relatives of the deceased, helping them to raise valid claims and defend against those that are unreasonable.


  • We’re experienced at working with complex family relationships, particularly where the deceased remarried and has children and stepchildren from these relationships.
  • We favour mediation as the best route to resolving disputes wherever possible. This can be much cheaper and more effective than court litigation.


  • Contact us as soon as possible as there is a strict six-month time limit for bringing some claims.
  • Do you know if the deceased left a Will? If you’re unsure, you can contact the Probate Registry to carry out a search.
  • If a Grant of Probate has been taken out, both the Grant and the Will become public documents. These can be accessed for a small Court fee.
  • If you’re worried that the deceased may not have had the mental capacity to make a Will, this can be grounds to challenge its validity.

Dispute Over Wills Team
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Tom Lawrence

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Clare Mackay

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Catherine Robson

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