Sponsor licence, Immigration Audits?

Here’s what you need to know

As many organisations have discovered, the UK Government takes immigration law very seriously. Learn about the five areas you will be audited on and your immigration obligations as a sponsor licence holder.

If you sponsor, or wish to sponsor foreign workers in the UK, then you can expect an immigration audit at some point. The Home Office carries out audits regularly to make sure employers are complying with their sponsor licence obligations. It is important to remember that failure to comply could result in your sponsorship licence being revoked, employee visa restrictions, fines and even criminal prosecution.

We support many of our clients by undertaking mock immigration audits which can expose issues that need to be addressed. Our audits will test you on five key compliance requirements:

1. Monitoring immigration status and prevent illegal working

2. Maintaining migrant contact details

3. Record-keeping and recruitment practices

4. Migrant tracking

5. General sponsorship duties

It’s worth a quick chat

If you are concerned about a sponsorship application or scheduled audit, SA Law can help. Our mock audits are a tried & tested way to highlight best practice and expose areas of concern. Contact us to find out how you can benefit. 

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