Immigration Support for HR

We provide your businesses and their staff with invaluable knowledge and insights to enable them to prepare for Brexit. Our immigration team possesses comprehensive knowledge on European Immigration law as it applies to the UK. We can provide training for HR professionals to help them support their affected colleagues and support EEA national staff through the immigration process. We can advise on and prepare applications for EEA nationals and their family members to come to/extend their stay in the UK, as well as applications for British Citizenship.

Since the referendum on Brexit in 2016, many EEA nationals have found themselves in an uncomfortable position where uncertainty about their future is resulting in many returning to their home countries, or other opportunities within Europe. This could result in some businesses losing large portions of their workforce. We can offer training and practical assistance to support EEA nationals and their family members to stay in the UK.

We provide HR staff and EEA national employees with the following services:

Assistance with applying for visas, including:

  • EEA Permanent Residence
  • EEA Residence Cards
  • EEA Family Permits
  • EEA Registration Certificates
  • EEA Retained Right of Residence
  • Naturalisation as a British Citizen
  • Registration of a child as British
HR professional training on how to support your staff

EEA staff member training on relevant EEA applications.

One-to-One surgery sessions with EEA staff members to discuss their personal circumstances.

How we help you

  • Provide Brexit training for your business including top tips on how to support your EEA staff
  • Provide one to one surgeries advising EEA nationals on their rights to stay in the UK, including for their family members
  • Preparing applications on behalf of EEA nationals

It's good to bear in mind

  • Consider how to retain/retrain and attract the best staff including EEA nationals post Brexit.
  • Consider offering training or other similar support/information to your EEA staff to keep them up to date and reassured in light of Brexit.

Key Experience 

  • Applications for Permanent Residence for EEA nationals and their family members.
  • Brexit training and consultations on a one to one basis.
  • Applications for/advice on British Citizenship for EEA children born in the UK to EEA nationals who have/are obtaining Permanent Residence.
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