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Help us to reach our target of raising £1000 for Small Acts of Kindness by sharing a photo of your 'SA Law Elfie'

Share a photo of your ‘SA Law Elfie’ and help us raise money for charity

For every Elfie photo you send or tag us in, we'll donate to Small Acts of Kindness to help support their ongoing work in preventing loneliness and social isolation of the elderly.

Put Elfie on your desk at work, decorate your tree or pop it on your shelf.
We’d love to see your Elfie out and about enjoying the Christmas festivities!

Small Acts of Kindness is a rapidly growing local social enterprise. They deliver gifts to older, often lonely and socially isolated people in Hertfordshire. At the heart of the charity is the simple belief that a small act of kindness can make a huge difference. Thank you for your support. 

Download your SA Law Elfie

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If you're feeling creative, download the black & white Elfie that you can colour in and customise yourself. 

Send us a quick picture to or post your Elfie on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn by
1st January 2019. 

Make sure to use #SALawElfie & tag SA Law.

Put 'Elfie' on your desk at work, decorate your tree or pop it on your shelf and use #SALawElfie
It’s a sobering thought that in winter many older people are faced with the choice between heating their homes or buying food. We're delighted to work in partnership with SA Law and thank them for their support which means that together we can help some of the most vulnerable older people in our community.
Lynne Misner, CEO of Small Acts of Kindness

About Small Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness was set up by CEO, Lynne Misner, in 2015 when she gave away 50 Warm in Winter gifts bags to local elderly, isolated people.
In the 3 years since, the charity now gives away over 5,000 Warm in Winter bags a year and makes a huge difference to the lives of vulnerable people in the community and is set to continue making a big impact in the years to come. 

Small Acts of Kindness was set up to give people something useful, something that connects them to the community and something to make them smile.

A Small Acts of Kindness Warm in Winter gift bag contains essential, practical, keep warm items – a fleece blanket, thermal hat, gloves and socks and a mug and a pack of hot drinks and soup all packed in a reusable tote bag. Gift bags also contain an information pack with details of local activities and services.

Gift bags are distributed free of charge to local older people aged over 55 in Hertfordshire, many of whom face the almost unimaginable choice between heating their homes and eating – helping to break the cycle that loneliness and isolation can bring.

Warm in Winter gift bags are an early stage intervention that can help reduce the risks that older people face when they are cold. For some older people, they could be a life saver.

SA Law are delighted to partner with Small Acts of Kindness as our charity of the year. If you would like to support Small Acts of Kindness please find out more about their projects and how to donate via the website

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