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With SA Law on your side, you benefit from a passionate team of legal experts with an exceptional track record of achieving the best for our clients.

We all have objectives, and when one of them touches an area of law, you need a skilled lawyer to help you. SA Law’s driving purpose is to help you achieve the best possible realisation of your objective, and our entire service is built around this principle.

We know your objectives are unique

Every situation is different, and we make sure we understand the specifics before we advise you. We don’t assume your objective is the same as other clients we work with; we listen to your needs.

We apply our broad experience

Our extensive experience and niche areas of expertise means we can handle your matter swiftly and efficiently. We know the right questions to ask, and can identify a clear strategy from your answers.

We paint a picture of your success

With the specifics of the situation understood, we advise you on what your success could look like. We explain how we propose to achieve your objective, and what will be required of you in terms of time and cost, both of which we keep to a minimum.

We find a way

Legal matters tend to evolve as actions are taken, but we always keep your initial objective in mind, even if we need to evolve our strategy to get there. If the picture of your success changes, we will tell you immediately.

We keep you in the loop

The emphasis is working with you, whether it is a one off transaction or a long term partnership. We keep you informed of progress, and work to agreed milestones even if the nature of your situation demands a tight deadline.

Contact us at our St Albans or London office. We’d love to hear about your objective.

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