In-House Lawyer Forum: Supply chain management – how to get out of a bad bargain

Join our webinar for practical guidance on managing the impact of Covid and Brexit on supply chain contracts. Find out how to make the most of the current legal landscape from SA Law’s commercial litigation and dispute resolution specialists and guest speaker, Gus Baker of Outer Temple Chambers.

The impact of Covid and Brexit on supply chains is all around us. Product shortages, transportation issues, additional paperwork…the list goes on. Taken together, these challenges have turned many contract commitments into a major headache for buyers and suppliers alike.

When your contract no longer fits the bill, how do you choose between re-negotiating terms and paying damages to get yourself out of a bad bargain? How might breaching contracts affect your reputation, and what can you do to mitigate the damage?

Join us for our supply chain management webinar where SA Law commercial litigation and dispute resolution specialists Simon WalshClare Mackay and Helen Young, along with guest speaker Gus Baker of Outer Temple Chambers will cover:

  • Is your contract valid and binding?
  • Has a force majeure event arisen?
  • Making use of express termination provisions in your contracts
  • The Covid Effect – what is legal/illegal or different under current guidelines and restrictions?
  • Negotiating changes to the original contract
  • Contract termination costs and mitigation

Designed with the needs of In-house Lawyers in mind, SA Law’s friendly and informal IHL Forum events provide practical guidance to help you manage risk and make the most of the prevailing legal landscape.

You can register to attend right up until the start time of 10am. Simply click here to register directly on Zoom.