In-House Lawyer Forum: Contract Law update

Our latest seminar for in-house counsel provides the perfect opportunity to stress-test your contract law know-how and get up to date on the latest case law developments. 

In-House Forums from SA Law are designed exclusively around the needs of client-side lawyers and legal teams within large and medium-sized organisations. 

This time, we turn our attention to contract law, with a seminar that will update and expand your expertise, help you improve the way you negotiate and manage your organisation's contracts. 

Our practical seminars are free to attend and are structured around the topical cases that are shaping the legal landscape. They will arm you with insight that allows you to tighten up contract clauses, reduce organisational risk, build stronger customer and supply-side relationships and exploit greater rewards. 

Topics to be covered include: 

  • Working under letters of intent
  • Variation: what it is and isn't, and how to do it
  • Interpretation: the continuing 'battle' between textualism and contextualism - are they really the same thing?
  • How to give notice using a non-prescribed method and the importance of deeming provisions
  • The latest on penalties and how to avoid them
  • Top tips for negotiating and drafting exclusion clauses
  • Plus, we will discuss the Disclosure Pilot Scheme, an important development that anyone dealing with or managing litigation needs to be aware of. 

SA Law seminars give you a chance to put your questions to our panel. You also get to network with other in-house lawyers in a relaxed environment, allowing you to compare your own experiences with those of your peers in a confidential forum. 

Click here to book your place. 

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