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St Albans Forum Morning Session- Navigating the changing landscape: Brexit & Employment Law

The road to Brexit will inevitably reshape the employment landscape whilst creating challenges for a wide range of employers. Our latest HR Forum will deliver the latest views of our legal experts, and help you keep your organisation on the path to success.

In our St Albans forum, Employment law specialists Chris Cook, Keely Rushmore and SA Law’s new Head of Immigration Gemma Goodhead will examine the latest thinking on the impacts and strategic approach to Brexit. She will cover:

  • Immigration implications of Brexit today
  • What you should be doing right now
  • How to assist EU and non-EU nationals in the workplace
  • How to address the rising problem of Brexit-related discrimination

The panel will also update you on other pressing issues facing employers, including:

  • The abolition of employment tribunal fees, and how to prevent litigation
  • Changes to holiday pay
  • Other legal changes launching in October 2017

The Forum will give you a valuable opportunity to put your questions to the panel, and will finish with the customary networking lunch where you can talk one-to-one with HR professionals in an informal environment. Click here to book.

To book the London HR Forum instead, click here.