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Employee or not an employee? That is the question

Employee ‘status’ is a legal headache for many organisations, and carries the risk of claims, fines and reputational damage if you get it wrong. SA Law’s latest HR Forum for senior HR professionals examines the various types of relationships in today’s workplace, and how you can stay on the right side of the law.  

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The economic downturn was a key factor in the move towards greater workforce agility. Organisations of all sizes wanted swift workforce scalability in line with the changing economy, without the financial risk of redundancy payments and unfair dismissal claims. This gave rise to many new employment trends such as zero-hour contracts and the ‘gig economy’ of short-term contracts.

Unfortunately, the move to agility has not been smooth. Many organisations have suffered damaged reputations and well publicised claims (not to mention damages and fines) for mistreatment of its workforce, both accidental and deliberate.

SA Law’s employment lawyers give you the opportunity to understand the different types of contract in common practice today, and the legal implications of each. Key topics to be addressed include:

  • Compliant agility: Scaling up and down the right way
  • Where next: How the agile workforce is likely to evolve
  • Finance and tax: What you need to consider
  • Immigration: Employing non-UK nationals post-Brexit
  • Maintaining balance: Delivering equality across the workforce.

As always, SA Law’s HR Forums give you the opportunity to put your questions to the panel, and will finish with a customary networking lunch, where you can talk one-to-one with our specialists and other HR professionals in an informal environment.

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