Divorce and Clean-Break Order for Russian-Speaking Husband

Our client’s situation

Julie’s client was the only son of a wealthy Russian couple, based in London. His marriage had unfortunately broken down and he instructed Julie to deal with his divorce and to safeguard his future financial interests by way of a clean break order.

This was a relatively common set of circumstances in the wealthy Russian-speaking community, the parents of Julie’s client were elderly and although the client himself held no assets he stood to inherit all of their wealth in the foreseeable future. His marriage was a short one and there were no children.

The client’s main concern was severing all possible avenues by which his wife could make a claim for financial provision in the future. That concern was obviously shared by his parents.

How we helped our client

The client was married in the Russian Federation and Russian speaking solicitor Julie Cohen was able to advise him on the principles of divorce in England and Wales as both parties were habitually resident in this jurisdiction. Julie ensured that the client understood that if he proceeded with divorce in England, the English court would have the power to also consider his financial matters. She then advised the client, and his parents, on the principles of a clean break order and on financial matters generally.

Julie was able to finalise the client’s divorce on an uncontested basis and was also able to negotiate a clean break order on the client’s behalf based on the client’s current circumstances, which safeguarded the client’s future financial position and his parent’s wealth.

Julie’s ability to speak fluent Russian, as well as her own family background, particularly suited her ability to advise not only the client but also his parents in this matter. The client’s parents did not speak English at all but their concerns were grave and without addressing them the matter could not have been dealt with to my client’s satisfaction. He was keen to ensure that his parents were protected and Julie was pleased to assist him with this.  

Click here to read this case study in Russian.

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