Putting the Pieces in Place

Is it what you know or who you know? We say it’s both, which is why SA Law helps clients to piece together the contacts they need from our broad and powerful network.

As a full-service law firm, we have built strong relationships with an extensive range of organisations and individuals over the years. And we don’t like to keep them to ourselves. As a client of SA Law, we are delighted to be help people link together for mutual benefit.

  • Commercial advisers

We know when your organisation needs advice in other fields, and a strong recommendation is invaluable. We have spent many years honing our list of trusted experts in key commercial fields such as accountancy, business consultancy, finance, HR, IT and marketing. Simply call us for a recommendation.

  • Specialists and specialist providers

Whether your matter is personal, professional or both, we are also able to call on the expertise of a wide range of specialists. We know many mainstream specialists such as analysts, architects, auditors, developers and surveyors. We also know many niche experts as well, so ask us and we can tell you if we know one.

  • Banks and other financiers

Our expertise in large-scale transactions means we have strong relationships with many traditional and non-traditional sources of funding. As well as banks and building societies, we also work with entrepreneurs and investment houses. If your initiative needs funding, we may be able to put you in touch with the right source.

  • Organisations

Over the years, we have worked with a vast range of private and public sector organisations. Along the way, we’ve helped to create some strong partnerships and profitable mergers. We also regularly put sellers of businesses, property and other assets in touch with buyers, and vice versa. Tell us your objective, and we may have a suitable contact for you.

Capitalise on SA Law’s network by contacting our St Albans or London office. Our legal experts work closely with each other across all departments, so talking to just one of us gives you full access to our wider resources.

Use our handy contact form to send us your enquiry. We’ll direct it to the right legal expert and respond as quickly as possible. It costs nothing to make an enquiry and it is entirely confidential.

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