Push it for the Peace

15 SA Law staff went head-to-head to tackle a 5-mile muddy assault course to raise money for Peace Hospice Care.

It was mud, sweat and cheers as 15 colleagues at SA Law took part in an obstacle assault course to “Push it for The Peace” in Chiswell Green on Saturday (September 24) in aid of Peace Hospice Care.

The SA Law team joined 700 fellow runners who pushed themselves to the limits to complete a daunting, mud-filled and energy sapping five mile cross country course peppered with 30 tricky obstacles to raise money for Peace Hospice Care which celebrates its 25th Anniversary.

The SA Law team has raised in excess of £2,200 to date for this fantastic cause, which equates to over 40 days of vital hospice at home care. It’s not too late to give, if you’d like to donate please visit the SA Law BT Donate page.

As there were so many SA Law staff up for the challenge, the SA Law volunteers split into three teams: “Law & Odour”, “The Mudley Crew” and “Mind over Mudder”. It seems that on the day of the event, the award for the team who stuck together has to go to the “The Mudley Crew”, Terence Ritchie, Simon Walsh, Keely Rushmore, Dawn Tate & Gary Dunger. There is photo evidence to prove they worked with each other to complete all the obstacles as a unit. Although nobody went off on their own, the other teams developed sub-teams with everyone crossing the finish line having helped each other along the way.

The event was the only talk of the office on Monday morning, with various members of the team who took part, hobbling around, limping or comparing their bruises, aches and pains. However, every one of them said how fantastic it was and how much fun they had but more importantly that they felt proud to be part of something to help such a fantastic organisation and would recommend taking part next year.

Interest in the event was galvanised by Terence Ritchie, joint head of SA Law’s Real Estate department who has recently become a trustee at Peace Hospice Care. For him it wasn’t just a case of office bragging rights that was at stake. It was a matter of professional and personal pride too as his SA Law teams were coming face-to-face with a team from Specsavers organised by his wife, Ruth. He stated,

“The 25th anniversary is a great achievement for Peace Hospice Care and we are excited to be involved! From personal experience, the level of care that Peace Hospice Care provides is phenomenal and without financial support and help they would not be able to fulfil the wishes of those in their final moments. I am so proud to be part of an organisation that always does whatever it can to provide everything they can and without events such as these that would not be able to happen. So thank you to everyone who supported us and thank you to my colleagues for such brilliant camaraderie.”

Joining Terence in the SA Law team were: Victoria Thomson, Sophie Hudson & Alex Kempson from the Marketing & Business Development Team; Osman Gakou, Accounts Assistant; Sam Alexander-Lyon, Affiliate member of CILEx; Keely Rushmore, Senior Associate; Dawn Tate, Legal Secretary; Gary Dunger, Partner; Simon Walsh, Senior Associate; and Trainee Solicitors Jennifer Ball, Conail Barugh, Monika Gorska, Julie Spencer and Comfort Nsek.

Have a look at the photos from the day here.

SA Law Peace Hospice Push it for the Peace
SA Law Tyres
St Albans Church photo
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